The Easy Alternative to a Home Equity Loan

No banks, no loans. Sell your house, keep your home.


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Access Your Home Value Without Moving

Convert your equity into cash and remain in your home with EasyKnock. We purchase your home at market value and you lease it back, receiving the benefits of homeownership without the hassles of loans, banks, or moving. 

Why Choose EasyKnock?


Repurchase or move on your own time with no limit to how long you can remain in your home as a renter.


Unlike traditional lenders or banks, we can assist a wide range of credit scores, income types, and debt to income.

Make Your Equity Work For You

Pay off debts, fund a venture, or just invest how you see fit. EasyKnock is empowering homeowners to secure their financial future.

Don’t Take Our Word for It, Read Theirs


Kristi M

"I couldn't of had an easier or more pleasant experience than I did with EasyKnock. My husband and I were starting our own business and needed some equity money and man they were so fast that we had our check in about 2 weeks. They scheduled all the appointments and did all the leg work for us."

Michele J

"The process was really easy and everyone was so helpful. We were able to access the equity in our house in three weeks! Have been able to take care of some past debt and raise credit scores by 60 points. We are already in the process of getting financed to purchase our home back."

Rob R

"I had a good experience with this program. After a serious time of loss of income for caring for my Mother after an accident, this was a great way to get Equity out of the house to pay off all my bills and get my credit back on track. Now I can take my time deciding if I want to sell the house or keep it."

How It Works

1. Get a Personalized Plan

An EasyKnock specialist will create a plan that gives you up to 75% of your home value upfront. You’ll receive the remaining amount as your option if you eventually decide to move.

2. Sign and Get Time & Money

Once due diligence and appraisal are completed, we both sign closing documents and you receive your money.

3. Stay in Your Home

When you're ready, you can either buy the house back or work with your realtor to sell it on the market. Once it sells you receive your option money plus any appreciation. 

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