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EasyKnock offers residential sale-leaseback programs that provide the liquidity to help your clients reach their financial goals. 

Get your clients the cash they need to avoid contingencies when buying a new home or improve their financial standing to increase their chances of pre-approval.

How EasyKnock Works

When EasyKnock buys your client's house at fair market value, they avoid the hassle of strict lender guidelines and get the cash they need while remaining in their home as a renter, for up to five years. Depending on which program they choose, when ready, they can either repurchase their home or sell it on the open market.

How can EasyKnock help the clients you can’t?

EasyKnock’s residential sale-leaseback programs can help you provide optionality for clients who have no loan solutions available to them.

Fewer Restrictions

Close Purchase Business

Secure Pre-Approvals¹

EasyKnock is not a lender, and we offer more flexible underwriting criteria with no credit and debt-to-income (DTI) requirements.

Your client’s offer on a new home needs to be the best in a competitive market. EasyKnock provides liquidity and empowers your clients to make stronger offers.

EasyKnock provides cash to pay off debt and potentially improve credit and DTI, which can move clients off the edge of pre-approval.

1 - Results are not guaranteed. Several factors will impact overall credit score and applicant’s debt. An increase in credit score in any amount or improvement of debt ratios is not guaranteed.

Our Programs

Sell & Stay

For homeowners who don’t fit lender underwriting guidelines, Sell & Stay provides a flexible solution for those who need cash, but aren’t looking to move. Our residential sale-leaseback program allows your client to repurchase the home at any time, or list it. Either way, they’ll retain the right to home value appreciation.

Convert 100% 

of the home’s fair market value into cash + Sell & Stay Option 

Receive Up to 75% 

of the home’s fair market value in cash 

12 Month Lease Term

with annual renewal for up to five years total with the ability to exercise the Sell & Stay Option at any time


MoveAbility empowers homeowners when they are looking to purchase a new home. Whether it’s making stronger offers, securing liquidity for their next purchase, or eliminating the need for multiple moves, EasyKnock is their partner in success.

Convert 100% 

of the home’s fair market value into cash + MoveAbility Option 

Receive Up to 75% 

of the home’s fair market value in cash 

12 Month Lease Term

with the ability to exercise the MoveAbility Option at any point within the first nine months

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